A page to collect together everything that’s been published. Most recent work at the top of page.

In Aug 2016 the BMC Lancashire Rock guide was published, I had lots of photos in this one! Here are most of them…- Gareth Williams on Daytona Wall, Cow's Mouth

Alex Barber on The Fireman's Slippery Pole, HVS, Thorn Crag

Jim Rogers on Red Wall Direct, Egerton, E1 5b

Dave Mann on Gauntlet Route, E3, Ousels Nest

Helen Boothman on Tarot Wall, Witches

Helen Boothman on Z Crack, Cow's Mouth

Helen Boothman on Pendulum Swing, Blackstone Edge


Hank Pasquill on Max, Wilton One
Hank Pasquill on Max, Wilton One
Ryan Pasquill on Andrenalin, Wilton One
Ryan Pasquill on Andrenalin, Wilton One

Mike Fields on Pagan Wall, Cadshaw

Andy Stratford on Cracked Wall

Mark Garrod on Central Crack, Blackstone Edge

Emily Huzzard on Mohammed, Denham

Hank Pasquill, Lancashire Legend, on That's the Badger, E2, Ouse

Ian Carr on Ha'Penny Arete, Deeply Vale

Ian Carr on Mein Kampf, Deeply Vale

David Boeckstyns on Angels with Dirty Faces, Pike Hill

Rob Adie on Layback Crack, VS, Summit Qy

Niall Grimes on The Six Nipples of Love, E1, Pinfold Qy

Jim Rogers on Necromicon, E1, Pinfold Qy

Rob Davies on Cameo, Wilton One

Rob Davies on Wombat Chimney, Wilton One

Emily Huzzard on Pegasus, Hutton Roof

Jim Symon on Samarkand, VS, at Anglezarke

Dave Cronshaw leading The Great Flake VS4c and Les Ainsworth bel

Les Ainsworth belayed by Dave Cronshaw on Yellow Edge, Warton Up

Dave Cronshaw, belayed by Les Ainsworth, on Spacewalk, HVS, Wart

Dave Cronshaw, belayed by Les Ainsworth, on Coral Sea, VS, Trowb



Gary Thornhill on Digitation, Font 6a, Brownstones

In May 2015, the BMC Peak Limestone North Guide arrived. I had 7 photos published in it –

Steve Franklin on Max Is Wall, Max Wall


Emily on Megabyte

Emily on Moat People

Ben Masterton on Let The Tripe Increase

Emily on A Bigger Tail

Alex on Rubicon

Thanks to all the climbers who put up with me taking pictures of them!

In early Oct 2012, the BMC Cheshire & Merseyside Sandstone Guide arrived –

Poster for the upcoming BMC Cheshire & Merseyside Sandstone book –

 In the October edition of Climber Magazine, I had a 6 page article published about getting the photographs for the BMC Cheshire Sandstone guide –

As well as Rock Climbing work, I’ve also been doing some work as a volunteer photographer for the National Trust in the Dark Peak area where I live.

They publish regular regional newsletters, and these images were used in the East Midlands edition for Summer 2012 –

Double Page background image for a BMC AGM Advertisement in BMC “Summit” magazine, Summer 2012.

Taken with my first digital camera, a Nikon 8400 compact.

This was “Readers Photo of the month” in Climber Mag May 2012.

Another shot with the K200D

And this one was used in Niall Grimes’ “Boulder Britain” selective bouldering guide, published Dec 2011.

Almost missed this one  – this turned up on the BMC pages of Climber Mag in Sep 2011, didn’t even know it was going to be used – A photo from Jun 2011 of Colin Struthers route cleaning at the mighty Hoghton Quarry in Lancashire.

This was used in Mike Doyle’s 2010 first edition of A55 Sport Climbs, Kevin Stephens and Dave Kells climbing at the Gallery.

Taken on my 1st DSLR – a Pentax K200D

This was my first published image – frontispiece in the 1990 Climbers Club Rock Climbing Guide to Gogarth in North Wales.

Photographed the book, so not the best quality but nice to see it “as published”.

Jim Hindley is setting out on the first pitch of the classic “Lighthouse Arete” on Castell Helen, on a beautiful summers day. He hasn’t got to the “arete” bit yet..

Taken using slide film on my Pentax ME Super, I loved that camera!