Published – Peak Limestone South

In December 2017 the BMC’s Peak Limestone South guidebook was published. I had over 30 photos used in this, including the front cover.

50% of these shots were taken from the ground, or at least places I could scramble to without a rope;

the rest were taken from a rope or otherwise secured to something in a more “technical” environment.

As always, I am really grateful to all those who gave up their time to come out for photos, not all of whom actually appeared in any published pictures!

Here are the shots –

Rebecca Ting on Delicatessen, E2, High Tor

Rebecca Ting on Bloc Party, Font 6b+, at The P

Niall Grimes on Erasmus, E2, at Pic Tor

Sophie Whyte on Some Sunny Day, HVS, at Shining Cliff

Niall Grimes on All Good Things, E1, at Shining Cliff

Alex Barber on Memories, F6a, at High Tor Right Wing

Niall Grimes on Great Cleft, E2, at Wildcat Crags

Gareth Williams on Tut’s Anomalous, E1, Wildcat Crags

Emily Huzzard on Nine Lives Wall, HVS, Wildcat Crags

Emily Huzzard on Lime Street Direct, E2, Willersley Castle Crag

Alex Barber on PTO, E2, Willersley Castle Crag

Rebecca Ting on The Giggle Loop, F6b+, Halldale

Sophie Whyte on The Spectre, F6b+, Halldale

Sophie Whyte on Willows Never Weep, F6a+, Cawdor

Rebecca Ting on Easter Island, E1, Ilam Rock, Dovedale

Dave Hinton on Adjudicator Wall, E3, Watchblock Buttress, Dovedale

Chris Davies on Venery, HVS, Ravens Tor, Dovedale

Gareth Williams on Kyrie Elison, A1, Thors Cave

James Hall on Left Hand Route, E1, Ravens Tor, Dovedale

Jim Burton on Yew Tree Wall, E1, Tissington Spires, Dovedale

Niall Grimes on American Style, E4, Dovedale Church, Dovedale

Jim Burton on The Rattler, HVS, Dovedale Church, Dovedale.

Emily Huzzard on Silicon, HS, Tissington Spires, Dovedale

Rebecca Ting on The Claw, HVS, Baley Buttress, Dovedale

Niall Grimes on Pickering’s Overhang, E1, Pickering Tors, Dovedale

Nathan Fields on Pope on a Rope, F6a+, Intake Quarry

Niall Grimes on Castor Direct, E2, Celestial Twins

Niall Grimes on Dewdrop, E3, Pike Crag

Gary Thornhill on Paradise Regained, HVS, Pike Crag

Gary Gibson on The Calcspa, F6b+, Slaley Brook Quarry

Ian Carr on The Calcspa, F6b+, Slaley Brook Quarry

Liam Brady on That Shard, F6a, Slaley Brook Quarry