Published – Peak Limestone North

In May 2015, the BMC Peak Limestone North Guide arrived. I had 7 photos published in it.

2 were taken from the ground, the rest were from a rope.

many thanks to all my patient subjects!

Steve Franklin on Max Is Wall, Max Wall

Steve Franklin on Max ‘is Wall, F6c, at Max Buttress


Jim Symon on Tria, HS, at Ravensdale

Emily on Megabyte

Emily Huzzard on Mega Byte, F6b, at Blackwell Halt

Emily on Moat People

Emily Huzzard on Moat People, F7b+, at Moat Buttress

Ben Masterton on Let The Tripe Increase

Ben Masterton on Let The Tripe Increase, F7c, at Moat Buttress

Emily on A Bigger Tail

Emily Huzzard on An Even Bigger Tail, F7b+, at Rubicon

Alex on Rubicon

Alex Barber on Rubicon, F7a, at Rubicon